About Us

About Us

Insaplex, a USD 80 million+ company specializing in High-Performance Polymers, was founded in 2009 with a clear vision – to craft high-quality mechanical products tailored for various industries. Our foundation is rooted in prior accomplishments, particularly in the delivery of high-quality rubber gaskets, stainless steel hoses, and fabric expansion joints. This extensive experience seamlessly complements our expertise, enabling us to consistently meet and exceed industry standards while providing advanced solutions for mechanical applications.

The Insaplex team possesses decades of collective experience, showcasing a high level of technical proficiency and notable accomplishments. Our High-Performance Polymers have carved a niche in the valve and automobile industries, where their exceptional properties are harnessed. Our polymers undergo rigorous and through quality processes, reflecting our dedication to delivering reliable and high-performance materials for diverse industrial applications.

High-performance polymers, such as PTFE and PEEK, offer a myriad of advantages that position them as promising candidates for the future, potentially supplanting metals in certain applications. These polymers exhibit characteristics such as low friction, exceptional wear resistance, chemical resilience, high thermal stability, electrical insulation, lightweight properties, and non-stick attributes. Their capacity to perform effectively over extended periods without the need for lubricants or oil consumption makes them an appealing choice for industries seeking durable and efficient materials.

Mission & Vision


To consistently deliver reliable high-quality and high-performance materials for diverse industrial applications.


To create world-class products that exceed expectations of global businesses while meeting future challenges.


Customer Satisfaction is the foremost objective of INSAPLEX and accordingly, we adhere to continued process improvement that enhances operational competency. We communicate effectively and rigorously keep up our commitment to deliver products of high quality and free from defects. INSAPLEX complies with statutory and legal requirements at all times without fail.


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